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Wednesday, July 30,2014
Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be

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Wednesday, July 30,2014

Crow is a hella cutie just so everyone knows.

Wednesday, July 30,2014


Precious times with a loved partner
Tiger & Bunny, sepia practice. 

Wednesday, July 30,2014




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Wednesday, July 30,2014

I am jelly. He’s beautiful. Call him Ivan! xD

That’s not a bad idea for him! But I already have this little dragon-wyrm craft I got at a con named Ivan…hmm. Maybe Origami?

Wednesday, July 30,2014



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Wednesday, July 30,2014




go into a starbucks in NYC and say very loudly into your phone “this movie script is stale and trite! we need some new talent, someone with a fresh outlook” and wait

They will ignore you.

That’s for LA.

You use ‘play script’ for NYC.

They’ll still ignore you they legit don’t give a shit what you’re talking loudly about

Wednesday, July 30,2014




What if, instead of tropical fish tanks, you had a live video stream of a section of coral reef? Every time you “fed” the fish, it would be a button you clicked to donate to the reef’s protection. As more you “feed” the fish, you’re granted more access to other reefs. And nightvision cameras are included so you can see your wild pets at night too without disturbing them with harsh lighting.


Perfect for folks like me who love fish, but do not love cleaning tanks.

Yes I think this needs to be a thing!

PLEASE make this a thing.

Wednesday, July 30,2014


when u make OCs but dont actually do anything with them


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Wednesday, July 30,2014


This was posted by thedeathmerchant as evidence that I “steal posts”

Now I really don’t see the problem here. Me and dichotomized have talked it over privately, and we both realize that sometimes things will overlap between bloggers who post the same theme at times, but that’s nothing to get infuriated about. 

We talked it over like mature adults. 

Both posts were posted at different times. It’s impossible for one person to continuously check all over tumblr to see if a topic has been posted or not.

No one really owns a concept or event you know? 

I really don’t want any of my followers to send hate to anyone, regarding this issue. But I do want people to recognize that it isn’t something to hold grudges over. 

Peace out