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Thursday, November 17,2011

I wanted to take pics of my Tiger figures. I am a SHITTY PHOTOGRAPHER let me tell you!

But hey here’s some pictures. I accidentally turned them into a story because why the hell not.

First of all, my Bunny figure is not here yet. This upsets Tiger so~

Upset him enough to drink his weight in rum.

Then Tiger got drunk and did weird things. First he found a soot sprite in a deep dark sooty place in my bedroom.

It didn’t like him much, so he tried to get a tigerish cat and lead it home for comfort.

That didn’t work either so he found an actual green tiger to be all happy about.

He tried to end the night by looking really really cool. Except that I don’t know how to take pictures right and we got this:

This second pic gives you an idea of how this was supposed to go, maybe

Then he totally acted normal like nothing happened but he’s totally passed out in that suit.

Going to eat my alfredo and shut up OH GOD WHY IS THERE OPERA COMING FROM THE TV

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